Friday, 4 January 2013

City of the Damned

The first real bug I caught upon returning to the hobby was Mordheim. Collecting was limited to the Dramatis Personae, but it did reignite a dormant passion for classic OOP Citadel/Marauder miniatures which I've included in many warbands or as hired swords.

Mordheim (and Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum) did rekindle my interest in homebrew rules and the like. I'd always preferred campaigns and games with elements of role play (I'm a big RPG geek too after all) and Mordheim offers a cure for every gaming itch!

Mrs 5 is even getting in on the action with a Sisters of Sigmar warband (and Bertha).

My plans for Mordheim are:-


The Black Lion Brigade - Witch Hunters
Baron Hochroter's Unholy Retinue - Undead
The Filth-Eaters - Cult of the Possessed
Da Krumpaz - Orcs and Goblins
Dunaar's Self-Preservation Society - Dwarf Treasure Hunters
The Jade Legion - Nipponese (counts as Reiklanders)
Crew of the Red Shark - Pirates (counts as Marienburgers)
Khorzak's Raiders - Beastmen
The Cult of Zahlen - Cult of the Possessed
The Red Feathers - Stirland Outlaws
Skritrit's Warphunters - Clan Eshin
The Reitwein Rebels - Chaos Thugs (counts as Middenheimers)
The Bulls Head Boys - Ostlanders


Baergrum's Doomchasers - Slayer Cult
Orthic's Exploratory Party - Imperial Dwarves
Les Défenseurs du Lac - Bretonnian Chapel Guard
Da Iron Moonz - Night Goblins
Da Great Gnobbo Revolooshun - Gnoblars
The First Awakened of Zandri - Tomb Guardians
The Linebreakers - Ogre Maneaters
The Growling Gut Tribe - Ogre Nomads
Blug's Meatgrinders - Butcher's Retinue
The Doom-Maw Pack - Clan Mors
Dancers on the Waves - Sea Elves
Agents of the White Tower - Saphery Elves
The Lothern Guard - Lothern Elves
Gunnar's Reavers - Marauders

Johann the Knife

The Hireling Agency - 130 hired swords.

Think that little lot will keep me busy!

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