Thursday, 3 January 2013

Well it had to start somewhere!

Hi, I'm Alex Goddard and I'm a collector, hobbyist and gamer (generally in that order) of wargames, specifically Games Workshop games.

Returning to a much beloved child/youthhood hobby is a double-edged sword - on the one hand I have more patience and I'm a little better resourced; on the other I have less time and more stress!

That said, with the love of a very understanding and supportive wife, I find myself back plunged back into the wargaming hobby - and up to my neck in sprues and metal!

My first forays into the 'hobby' were Space Crusade and Citadel Combat Cards. Then, through White Dwarf came submersion in both Warhammer 40k (second edition) and WHFB (the elf and goblin big box). This was quickly followed by Necromunda and Warhammer Quest and a little dalliance with Blood Bowl. Fell out of the hobby sometime in 2000ish and missed it hugely - making the regrettable error of throwing out all my old stuff along the way (I know, I know).

Anyway, enter the now Mrs G. A tonic for the soul and an artistic muse who quickly picked up my need for a creative outlet. With her support I made that difficult first step back into the hobby.

First WHFB, then 40k and then a gnawing nostalgia took me into Necromunda, Mordheim and Gorkamorka. I was, and remain, hooked.

Now, a handful of years since returning to the hobby and I have the box room (affectionately called the 'Geek Room') to store my gaming stuff... which brings me back to the eyeball-level stacks of sprues, scenery and miniatures that are almost crying out for some attention.

So, this blog is a way of attempting to keep on track, to actually complete some hobby goals and, one day, to form a chronicle that I can revisit, misty-eyed and full of wonder that I ever managed it all.

If anyone out there finds this interesting, amusing or inspirational (yeah, yeah - as if!) then even better, but regardless, this blog will roll on, an unstoppable juggernaut of hobby goodness and occasional rants.

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