Friday, 4 January 2013

Underhive - Sector B67

Looking back, I think it was inevitable that I'd be drawn back into the wild underhive of Necromunda.

There's something incredibly cool about putting together a gang of ne'er do wells and murderous juves. It's probably what makes Grand Theft Auto so popular - it's fun to play the bad guy once in a while.

Necromunda is where my collector instincts really kicked in - I simply had to have all the original miniatures for my chosen gangs. Most are complete - some still need a few stubborn OOP models to finish them off. I even put together a couple of counts as gangs from old Rogue Trader era miniatures.

Again, Mrs G is getting stuck in - with a gang of Escher I spent ages collecting for her...but she has the range to choose from so she'll have plenty of options!

So, here's what I've got planned:-

The Yoyogi Crew - Orlock
Special Ops Task Force Sigma Black - Van Saar
The Wiseguys - Delaque
The Straight Edge Society - Cawdor
The Ghostdancers - Ratskin Renegades
The Sump-Suckers - Scavvies
The Wandering Crusade from East Hive - Redemptionists
Clan Redbeard - Squats (counts as Van Saar)
The Troupe - Harlequins (counts as Escher)
The Temple of the Rust Star - Chaos Cult (counts as Cawdor)
Die Schrottplatzmänne - Pit Slaves
Squad Castiel - Marine Scout Novitiates
K2 Command - Enforcers

Karloth Valois
Brakar the Avenger

The Hireling Agency - 30 Hired Guns

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